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The Connoisseur is a confluence of art & fashion that creates as well as facilitates exceptional work from artisans, designers & brands.

The Connoisseur Art

The Connoisseur Art is an online art gallery that curates artworks from different parts of India through our collaboration with other galleries as well as with individual artists. Indian art dates back to 2500 BC but it is yet to receive the recognition in the eyes of the world. We strive to facilitate masterpieces from Indian artist & introduce their work to the audience in a way that resonates with their creativity through our carefully crafted platform. We have a wide range of artworks for all genres & budget. 

Tangerine Arches


The definition of Luxury for us:

 [ Creative  X  Innovative ]

Differentiated   X   Sustainable

Reducing Environmental Impact  X  Affordable

Concocts: Desire  X  Happiness


 Past Exhibition Testimonial 

Antonio Paraiso
Luxury & Innovation Consultant,TEDx Speaker, Portugal

~  "  Very well organized exhibition. A pleasure to visit  "


The Managment Team



Founder & Strategist

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Sabyasachi is the founder & strategist of The Connoisseur. He is an alumnus of Kings College London with a merit degree & research specialising in entrepreneurship. He is a recipient of the Kings enterprise award in 2017. Currently, he is also a non-executive advisor to Deepfinity Ltd, UK (a PropTech startup in London).



Executive Advisor

D. Moulik has over 35 years of experience as an administrator with Gestetner India Ltd &  in Indira Gandhi National Open University. He is an admirer of arts & theatre and has enacted in many plays.

Email: moulik56@gmail.com


Danielle Griffin

Fashion Writer & Marketing Representative,

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Danielle has a masters in Fashion & Textile Retail Management from the University of Ulster, with experience of working in the fashion industry as both a design assistant and style consultant. She completed her dissertation on ‘The Future of Fashion Retailing’, which explores current societal issues such as sustainability, P&L, and overconsumption within the fashion industry. Since then, she has developed a deep interest for writing and is keen to delve deeper into the fashion and art world.

Contributing Writer, USA

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Elena Greyrock is an author and blogger. She has two Master’s Degrees; one in Digital Marketing and one in Information Technology. Elena is passionate about life, writing, and believes art is essential to the human spirit.

Joori Byun

PR Writer & Marketing Representative, South Korea

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Joori is a graduate from the University of Oxford with a BA in English Language and Literature. Having grown up in the UK, but being ethnically South Korean, she loves exploring different styles, cultures and forms of expression. A keen writer, she is eager to delve deeper into art & fashion related subjects, and help The Connoisseur strengthen its global presence. 


Brooke Murphy

Contributing Writer, UK

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I’m Brooke and I am currently in my final year of studying BA Hons Fashion Journalism at the University of Sunderland. I have always had a passion for writing about maximalism art and fashion and I am excited for this opportunity at The Connoisseur to allow me to focus on and develop my skills further.


Aanice Tressa Thomas

Writer & Marketing Intern, Nagpur

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Aanice is presently pursuing her second year in BBA LLB from Symbiosis University. Apart from law, she has an ardent desire when it comes to the field of art and wishes to convey it to people around the world through the way of writing. She wishes to encourage and catch hold of a larger audience through The Connoisseur.


Ipsita Kaul

 Contributing Writer , Mumbai

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Ipsita is a fashion student fascinated by corresponding topics of art and sustainability. She aims to contribute to an effective dialogue tackling the above themes for a better understanding among people who are not familiar with these topics and shed light on the  socio-cultural implications of the same.

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William Rotherforth

Contributing Writer

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 William Rotherforth is from West Yorkshire in the north of England. After studying Literature in Sheffield he made his way to London to do arts charity work before moving to Paris to study Art. He is a budding cook and film maker and spends most of his time reading or writing.


Jeremiah Ovenden

Contributing Writer

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 Jeremiah has a BA in Professional and Creative Writing and teaches English as a foreign language. He's been writing most of his life, from stories about animals and aliens as a young child, to poems, screenplays, and a blog as a young adult. As well as reading and writing, he enjoys all things art, music, and food. He loves to travel when there isn't a global pandemic.

Bhakti Parekh

Writer & Marketing Intern, Mumbai

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Having recently completed her Master's in  Counselling Psychology, Bhakti is fascinated by the workings of the human mind and several related modalities. However, being an inherently creative individual, she has always been drawn towards art forms, especially, writing, music, and fashion. She is a trained singer and also comes out with her own covers from time to time, and is currently developing her fashion and music blog on Instagram. She has a flair for writing poems and has recently started a page on Instagram, which goes by the name of @midnightmusingsbybhakti, which allows her to express her innermost musings.



Writer & Marketing Intern,New Delhi

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Vijayshree is a self - motivated, enthusiastic professional with a strong interest and passion for art, fashion and style. She has pursued MBA in International Business & completed her graduation in mass media; specialized in Journalism from the University of Mumbai. She is also a Corporate fashion columnist for a corporate magazine. According to her, Art and Fashion demonstrated in literary format is the creative expression of ideas, ideals, culture and beliefs.