About Us


The Connoisseur is an affordable luxury brand sailing at the confluence of art, innovation & fashion that creates as well as facilitates exceptional work from artisans, designers & brands.


The online art gallery curates artworks from different parts of India through our collaboration with other galleries as well as with individual artists. Indian art dates back to 2500 BC but it is yet to receive recognition in the eyes of the world. We strive to facilitate masterpieces from Indian artist & introduce their work to the audience in a way that resonates with their creativity through our carefully crafted platform. We have a wide range of artworks for all genres & budget. 

Tangerine Arches


The definition of Luxury for us:

 [ Creative  X  Innovative ]

Differentiated   X   Sustainable

Reducing Environmental Impact  X  Affordable

Concocts: Desire  X  Happiness


 Past Exhibition Testimonial 

Antonio Paraiso
Luxury & Innovation Consultant,TEDx Speaker, Portugal

~  "  Very well organized exhibition. A pleasure to visit  "