5 Step Guide to Chic & Comfortable Women's Winter Fashion, Inspired by the Ever-stylish French Girl

With a lot of us still working from home, now more than ever comfort is a must and that goes for our clothes too. We need to be comfortable in what we wear, but that doesn’t mean that we have to reduce ourselves to wearing leggings and sweatpants every day...(Not that there is anything wrong with wearing leggings and sweatpants, but they don’t exactly yell chic) and in our current situation, we need clothes that are a bit dressier, clothes that can lift our spirits and make us feel good, even if we are working from home. That’s why it’s time that we take note of the effortless, but ever-stylish French girl, because no one can do dressed up and laid back at the same time quite like the French girl can. French girl style is the ultimate, sure-fire way to make day-to-day dressing easier and it’s all about finding the right balance between comfy and chic, being comfy but not too comfy that you’re practically wearing pyjamas and being chic but not too chic that you’re ready to hit the dancefloor. It’s all about investing in and finding those timeless, versatile key pieces that stand the test of time. Items that you can wear again and again in new and interesting ways. So, to make it easy for you we’ve put together a list of five comfy and chic winter items that you can find in every French girls’ wardrobe. We’ve also given you lots of ideas on how you can style them for both day and night and perhaps most important of all, where you can shop them... All you need to create your dream wardrobe!

1. CARDIGANS It’s safe to say that cardigans are the perfect mix of cosy and chic and while we’re at it, let’s not pretend that Taylor Swift did not majorly inspire this year’s cardigan trend (of course she did!). Cardigans are a beloved classic favoured by many and they’ve just had a style overhaul. So, whether you decide to opt for a crop, chunky, long or oversized cardigan, there’s plenty of styles to go around this season.


winter fashion for women
Instagram: @stylegator

Styling tip: For day-time wear, we suggest going with a loose long cardigan that you can throw on top of a plain white tee and a pair of high-rise jeans. Slip-on a pair of white trainers, or ankle boots and you have yourself a chic and comfy outfit.

winter outfit for women
Instagram: @ruerodier

Styling tip: If long is not your style, then why not go for a chunky knitted crop cardigan and accessorise it with gold layered jewellery, a grab bag and a belt.


When it comes to eveningwear the last thing you would think of wearing is a cardigan, let’s face it. But in 2020, you can pretty much expect anything, and a cardigan worn over a slip dress is the ultimate style lesson in Parisian fashion, not to mention it’s super comfortable. Slip dresses with cardigans are a match made in heaven, perfect for all those 2020 Christmas zoom dinner parties!

Winter fashion for women
Instagram: @justinesoranzo

Styling tip: Why not take a page from Justine Soranzo’s book and add a little contrast and texture to your silky slip dress with an oversized, chunky knit cardigan.

winter outfit for women
Instagram: @justinesoranzo

Once again, Justine Soranzo is showing us (ever so effortlessly), that cardigans can be paired with practically anything and still look amazing. It’s the perfect item of clothing for when you want to look dressed up but feel laid back. Styling tip: Choose a crop or wrap style cardigan that can be easily tucked in and style with high-waisted trousers or a skirt. This will transform and elevate your look from casual to dressy. Why not shop your cosy and chic cardigan on the high-street...


Oversized jumpers have always been an Autumn/ Winter necessity, but in 2020 they’re even bigger and more fashionable than ever before. For those of us working from home spending more and more time indoors means that we need our clothes to accommodate both our work and home life, we need clothes that are comfortable yet stylish. And, there is something extremely comforting, yet fashionable about oversized jumpers. They’re the ultimate piece of clothing when it comes to versatility, because not only do they suit an array of body shapes and sizes, but they can be styled with almost anything! It’s no wonder why the oversized jumper has become this year’s go-to fashion staple. Just like the versatile cardigan, they can be worn over your floaty summer dress or paired with your favourite high-rise jeans and trainers. Here are just a few ways that an oversized jumper can be styled.


winter fashion for women
Instagram: @solenelara

Styling tip: For a long, oversized jumper pair with tights and knee-high boots and accessorise with a belt. Layer up with a trench or a long wool coat for extra cosiness.

Styling tip: For more of a chic casual look, wear a chunky crop jumper over trousers or jeans and pair with ankle boots or trainers. Accessorise with a hat and chunky knitted scarf.


Yes, an oversized jumper is an evening essential, and we have the proof...

Styling tip: If you’re feeling festive this year, why not style your oversized jumper like Hailey Bieber and wear on top of a long sequin skirt. Pair with heels or heeled ankle boots for more of an evening look.

Women winter fashion @fakerstrom
Instagram: @fakerstrom

Styling tip: If elegant but casual is your preferred style, opt for neutral colours and pair with flats and a long- pleated skirt. For a more formal evening look wear with kitten heels.

Why not shop oversized jumpers on the high-street...


Denim jeans and French girls go hand in hand. French girls always know the right way to style a pair of jeans because they always choose longevity over trends. They know that a classic pair of Levi’s never goes out of style and they also know that comfort is key... Enter high-rise denim. French girls are all about effortless style, so a pair of high-rise denim jeans are a year-round wardrobe essential. Here are just some of the ways in which French girls are styling theirs this season.


women winter fashion
Instagram: @parisianvibe

Styling tip: For a casual look, team light blue denim jeans with a cardigan or knitted jumper and pair with trainers or winter sandals, aka ‘wandals’... (Yes, really).

winter fashion for women @meganadelaide
Instagram: @meganadelaide

Styling tip: Dark jeans go with practically anything, but for a chic casual look wear with ankle boots and a jumper. Team with a long-oversized coat.


When styled correctly, jeans can be just as dressy as a pair of trousers...But, if you’re still not convinced, I’m sure Camille Charriere can change your mind.

winter fashion for women @camillecharriere
Instagram: @camillecharriere

Styling tip: For a chic winter look, opt for white high-rise jeans with a black oversized coat, tights and a pair of black shoes.

winter fashion for women @ines.heli
Instagram: @ines.heli

Styling tip: For the ever-stylish, classic blue denim wear with a cropped/fitted jumper and flats. Wear heeled shoes and a blouse for more of an evening look.

Why not shop high-rise jeans on the high-street...

4. WHITE BLOUSE/BUTTON-DOWN SHIRTS The classic white blouse, it’s feminine, comfortable and chic and French girls love them! Just like denim jeans, white blouses are a wardrobe essential for French girls. It’s a timeless, fashion staple that can be worn casually with a pair of jeans or more elegantly with a pair of black trousers. Here are just a few reasons why you should make the white blouse/ button-down shirt a part of your everyday wardrobe.


Women fashion style
Instagram: @frenchgirldaily

Styling tip: For a less is more approach, wear with high-rise jeans. Pair with a denim jacket or puffer coat and team with ankle boots or trainers.

women winter fashion
Instagram: @songofstyle

Styling tip: Why not wear your white shirt underneath a blazer, tucked into high-rise jeans. Pair with ankle boots or flats and accessorise with lots of gold layered jewellery. If you primarily work from home, why not wear your white blouse underneath your favourite cosy jumper for more of an office/chic look.


A white blouse is a classic evening look and trusty wardrobe staple. No need to overdo it with the accessories, as this item of clothing is the epitome of ‘less is more’.

winter fashion for women
Instagram: @jeannedamas

Styling tip: For an evening look opt for a silk white blouse with a pair of high-waisted cigarette trousers or pleated wide-leg trousers and a leather belt. Add a pair of boots or heels and you’re good to go.

Connoisseur Winter fashion for women
Instagram: @onparledemode

Styling tip: To get this chic vintage look wear with high-waisted, wide-leg trousers and a chunky belt. Team with a trench coat and accessorise with a satchel or mini saddle bag.

Why not shop white blouses on the high-street...


The little black dress is a year-round wardrobe staple and even if you are staying indoors this Christmas, an LBD is a must! Of course, the usual skimpy, tight little black dresses that we all know and love may not be the go-to choice this year, but that doesn’t mean that you have to skip out on wearing your favourite LBD. In fact, there are many varieties and styles to choose from in 2020/21 that won’t have you compromising on comfort. Any little black dress can be comfortable, it all depends on the fit and style of it and most importantly how you choose to wear it. An LBD can be just as comfy as your favourite pair of high-rise jeans or your cosy oversized jumper, it’s all to do with how you style it. So, with that in mind here are just a few examples of how you can wear a killer little black dress this year and next.


If you ever thought that a little black dress couldn’t be worn as daywear, Ines Heli is here to prove you wrong!

connoisseur Women winter fashion
Instagram: @ines.heli

Styling tip: For a super chic daywear look, opt for a long-sleeved LBD with tights, knee-high boots and a black belt.

connoisseur women winter fashion
Instagram: @camillechariere

Styling tip: If you’re feeling that spontaneous, slinky little black dress look opt for off-the-shoulder and wear with tights and black platform shoes or chunky loafers. For a really casual look, throw on an oversized jumper or your favourite cardi.


Connoisseur women winter fashion
Instagram: @justinesoranzo

Styling tip: For a classic LBD, go for a wrap style dress and opt for black velvet fabric for a more elegant, seasonal evening look.

Connoisseur women winter fashion
Instagram: @solenelara

Styling tip: Step into winter with this effortless but dramatic evening look. To achieve it wear a simple LBD with a long black furry coat and heeled ankle boots. This look is perfect for both daytime shopping and a fun night out with your friends.

Why not shop a little black dress on the high-street...

Conclusion: So, there you have it a super simple and comfortable guide for dressing chic this winter, inspired by the ever-stylish French girl. Whether you’re dressing up or dressing down this season, take the less is more approach with these five outfit essentials. And, never worry about styling your outfits again.

Article By: Danielle Eve Griffin (Fashion Writer & Marketing Representative)

Danielle has a Masters in Fashion & Textile Retail Management from the University of Ulster, with experience of working in the fashion industry as both a design assistant and style consultant. She completed her dissertation on ‘The Future of Fashion Retailing’, which explores current societal issues such as sustainability, P&L, and overconsumption within the fashion industry. Since then, she has developed a deep interest in writing and is keen to delve deeper into the fashion and art world.

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