5 top online art galleries to buy paintings online

Who says you need to go to a gallery to buy art? Online galleries are quickly becoming popular and more viable destinations to buy original art. From the comfort of your own cosy place, you can shop around a huge collection of amazing creations that can improve the art decor quotient of your house. Art has a certain influence and is also a symbol as well as a reflection of your thoughts. It gives a certain character to each nook and corner of your home.

From luxury items to affordable art – here are 5 online art galleries worth a browse!

1.Saatchi Art

Saatchi Art is a well-known and well-trusted retailer. They provide curated lists of award-winning art, monthly collections and bestsellers. These lists are a perfect approach to find art pieces for home decor. There are innumerable options & even the less inclined visitors will surely love something! These lists are full of cultural art too, no genre is forgotten. They also make sure to feature emerging artists, so you can have the newest works. You even have a choice of mediums – paintings, photography, drawings, sculpture and even prints, perfect to explore art. Saatchi Gallery online is a great source to find well-curated art from creative professionals.


Mojarto has been in the Indian art landscape for quite some time now. They proclaim on being ‘the largest online platform for original Indian paintings, prints and design’. This online gallery showcases artworks, prints and photographs – all of exquisite quality. The collection ranges from digital art to sculpture, perfect for luxury gifts and also fine art education sources (for those who are new to the scene). They also feature new daily uploads!


If you’re looking for the best selling product that is in trend for the home edition, then do visit Artisera to explore similar works. They pride themselves on showcasing work from great featured artists not just in the sector of paintings but also other home accessories. From fine art and collectables to furniture and home wear – you can find a contemporary artwork piece for your every need. If you’re looking for home décor gift items or any unique home décor, check out their website. You won't only discover an array of online arts and crafts items, but they even stock barware and rugs. Check out their 'recommended for you' section and also the photography prints online segment.


Artsper boasts you can ‘buy from the best contemporary art galleries’, they also make sure to feature many independent artists all with intricate styles. Artsper is like an online contemporary art museum, these are ever so important as the world goes more and more digital. They have promoted articles to assist you with the best selection possible.

If you’re interested in purchasing from specific galleries around your region then Artsper is perfect for you! They list all their international online galleries with the original art for sale tag, giving the client full disclosure on each piece. There are many collectable items here, so make sure you have a good browse in their exhibition displays.

5.The Connoisseur

Finally coming to 'The Connoisseur' - It is another great example of an online art gallery. They strive to curate art from different parts of India and give these artists and artworks the recognition they deserve through a carefully designed platform which enhances each display and improves the experience of the visitors. They feature ‘a wide range of artworks for all subjects and budget’. Affordable art is an important market that should not be overlooked these days, whilst more expensive items will always be in the limelight, it is also important for a brand to be price inclusive so a bigger audience is able to buy art online.

Artworks are set into genres, for example, you can choose from traditional, contemporary, abstract and many more. You can even browse these pieces in a 3D rendered gallery – as if you were walking through one in real life. This is a new virtual art concept, perfect since offline exhibitions in 2020 aren’t booming. The virtual exhibition is organised every month based on a theme. The focus on great art and the online shopping experience really sets the Connoisseur in good stead to be a go-to online museum.

So, if you’re ever looking to buy the best paintings for home and office or just for a browse, make sure to consider these amazing websites and sources of great Indian art!

Article by:

Isobel Coughlan

Isobel is a fashion, art & travel enthusiast, with a particular love for historical fashion. She is completing her Fashion Design BA at Arts University Bournemouth, UK. She has been writing articles for style cartel and is keen on delving deeper into art-related subjects.

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