How to find your art deco and design style?

The earliest recordings of art are in the form of cave paintings discovered in 1870 which were painted by the Magdalenian people, our humanlike ancestors. Since then, the concept of art has been widely established throughout various cultures.

In 2021, modern-day humans use art as a form of escape and to capture hidden messages and meanings within. For many, beautiful artworks speak volumes without being able to physically communicate. Others appreciate the concept and encourage a connection between them and the artist.

Eric Jensen, author, says, in his book ‘Arts with the Brain in Mind’, that ‘drawing engages visual perception, enhances eye-hand coordination and creative expression’ and that ‘art is a language, just as speaking or mathematics. That language can be used to express other languages like a foreign language or math’.

So, we asked specific questions to individuals about their views on art and design.

Q: How does your photography enhance a living space? How does your work impact consumers?

Andrew Thompson is a photographer at Andrew Thompson Photography and he believes a photograph captures moments in time forever.

Andrew conveys that there are many ways and techniques to display photographs within your living space. These include displaying large prints over a fireplace in the living room, featuring smaller prints of relatives on the mantel piece and having lots of prints Blu Tacked to a wall in a teenager’s bedroom.

He explains that his photographs may help people remember good times throughout the bad times. Before Covid 19, Andrew exclaims that photographs would have been a conversation starter when guests visited the home and now, they may act as a lifeline to what a person looks forward to or may hold a precious memory of what has been lost.

According to Andrew, what photographs you display in your home showcase your personal style and influence the atmosphere of the space. He says: “In a way similar to getting dressed up in clothes that make you feel good, surrounding yourself with photos that can represent your happy feelings, places or dreams may improve your mood too.”

For many, photographs will continue to allow them to save and share their cherished moments and dreams. Andrew hopes his work makes that possible.

To enhance this, Andrew ran a series of short photo shoots for families taking photos and instantly printing them so they could be sent to relatives that they have not seen for many months.

Andrews work does not just capture precious moments in peoples lives. He also has a passion for capturing precious moments in the world. He has great enthusiasm for photographing the invisible, what he describes as ‘the work that happens that nobody sees’.

On New Year’s Eve, Andrew took a photograph that he believes captures his own thoughts about 2020 and titled it ‘The End of 2020’.

The End of 2020

Q: What is the influence behind your art style? What do you think your work means to consumers?

Patsy Hunt, a trainee content developer and small business owner of Prints by Patsy, @printsbypatsy on Instagram, expresses that her art stands out due to bold use of colour and pattern.

While studying fashion design at college Patsy had the opportunity to experiment with different styles and techniques. She often worked with creating repeating patterns and design which she believes has implemented into her prints today.

She explains that the style of her prints has a unique and positive meaning to her customers as they stand out against a blank wall.

Regularly, Patsy takes inspiration from magazines, TV and music. She said: “I love to take inspiration from album covers and using colour is something I think you can see in my prints now as it makes them vibrant, unique and happy.”

art deco design
Patsy Hunt Prints

However, creating vibrant prints is not where Patsy’s creativity ends. She creates prints alongside her full-time job as an admin assistant/ trainee content developer. She credits the incredibly talented individuals that she works alongside daily for having a large influence on her art.

She adds: “My print work has grown alongside the progress I have made and the skills I have learnt in my full-time job.

“It’s extremely easy to be inspired for my prints and art when I spend a lot of my day conversing with other creatives who know a lot more than me and are willing to share their work and knowledge.”

Patsy Hunt

Q: Why is makeup an art?

Ifrah Qureshi, cosmetic chemist, @makeupwithifrah on Instagram, communicates that make up is an art due to the time, precision and creativity it takes to create.

She explains she finds it is a calming and therapeutic task just as many artists do while they create their artwork.

For Ifrah, doing her makeup is a time to escape from reality and have fun coming up with new looks, concepts and listening to music.


The impact of art and design affects every individual in a unique way. It is a technique of creating something that is appealing to the human eye and generates emotion and feeling. No person will feel the same about an artwork as their neighbour. Art and design have the power to encourage each consumer to feel a different set of emotions, much like people can themselves. However, it is clear art and design is embedded into our genetics and beings will continue to create, develop and appreciate art and design much like our descendants did.

Article By: Brooke Murphy

I’m Brooke and I am currently in my final year of studying BA Hons Fashion Journalism at the University of Sunderland. I have always had a passion for writing about maximalism art and fashion and I am excited for this opportunity at 'The Connoisseur' to allow me to focus on and develop my skills further.

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