How to build a personal art collection using online art galleries

Treat yourself to an activity which will expand your knowledge and feed your soul. Use an online art gallery website and start collecting art. It may sound daunting. In days gone by building a personal contemporary art collection was reserved for the wealthy, and people in elite social circles. Not anymore, the way contemporary art is being viewed, bought, and shared has and is constantly changing. The current situation of a global pandemic may prevent entry into art galleries. For many people visiting upscale art showrooms can be both intimidating and unwelcoming. A practical solution is using online art galleries to browse and buy contemporary art. An online art viewing room is accessible, time-efficient and a pleasurable experience to buy fine art online.

Online art buying trends Who buys art online? Currently, millennials are the largest consumer group in the US, and they are the growing number of buyers in the art market. These younger art collectors are tech-savvy and want to buy real art online. The online art galleries are conveniently open 24/7, with affordable prices.

According to the Hiscox Online Art Trade Report 2019 among millennials, 23% had not purchased artwork in a gallery, art fair or auction prior to buying art online. Yet, an extraordinary 79% of millennials said that they had bought artwork online within the last year more than once.

What art do I even like? Before you begin your journey to buy fine art online and design a personal art collection; take advantage of the free virtual art museum tours. See what art genre speaks to you. Go global. From the comfort of your home, you can experience some of the most famous museums all over the world. You can view modern and contemporary artwork virtually in the Guggenheim Museum in New York; drawings and prints in the Centre Georges-Pompidou in Paris, France. See colorful contemporary art of India is the largest museum in that country, the National Museum in New Delhi.

Where to buy original art online

Three of the best and reputable online art gallery websites are: Saatchi Art, Artisera and The Connoisseur. Each has a vast choice of affordable contemporary art on canvas by well-known artists and original works from emerging artists.

1. Saatchi Art Website Saatchi Art is the leading established online art gallery. Based in Los Angeles, Saatchi Art covers every genre of art. Its marketplace consists of original paintings, photography, prints and sculpture from a large network of artists from all over the world. Unlike most galleries, 50% of Saatchi Art selling artists are women.

2. Artisera Website

Artisera's website sells fine art, collectables, furniture, and home décor. The online art gallery was established in 2015 by husband-wife team, Lisa Jain and Varun Backliwal. Artesia’s contemporary art of India consists of hand-crafted prints, tribal and folk art, sculpture, and photography.

At Artesia you can buy original art online such as abstract paintings by Gurudas Shenoy, a renowned artist with a career spanning over two decades.

3. The Connoisseur Website

The Connoisseur website has affordable original art online. In conjunction with their partner galleries, The Connoisseur curates artwork from urban and exotic regions in India. The brand believes art should be accessible to all levels of art lovers. They take pride in featuring an extensive range of exquisite affordable art on their website. The Connoisseur showcases Indian art in genres from modern, contemporary, abstract, traditional and many others.

Keeping pace with prestigious online art gallery museums, The Connoisseur also displays its artworks in a 3D rendered gallery. Through this interactive experience, website visitors can browse and buy fine art online in a welcoming life-like environment. Every season 'The Connoisseur 'presents 3D exhibitions based on specific themes showcasing the contemporary art of India.

Among its wide breadth of artworks where you can buy art online from artists, The Connoisseur website features an exquisite artwork collections from renowed artist like Lalu Prasad Shaw, Thota Vaikuntam, Suhas Roy, Dominic Rubio and many more. You can also find a rare, limited serigraph collection (a serigraph is an original artwork created by the silk-screen printing process) by MF Husain and collections from several emerging artists such as Bishwaranjan Bhunia and award-winning artist, Wilson Souza. MF Husian is one of the most celebrated and renowned Indian artist who marked his way around the world. His artworks & serigraphs are considered an investment.

The Connoisseur website offers sales and discounts giving art participants the opportunity to easily buy contemporary art online and complete their personal art collection.

Tips for starting an art collection

After you have thoroughly done your research, here are 4 tips to follow to purchase original art online.

1.Set a budget and define your goals. Set a reasonable budget and stick to it. When you do buy wall art online, buy with passion. The aim of art buying is to find art pieces that release an emotional feeling for you, the buyer. A feeling to unravel what you like about the art piece and how it touches you.

2.Consider how the art will fit into your home’s décor When you buy wall art online, choose art with colors based on the atmosphere you wish to set in the living space. Whether you plan on showcasing contemporary or modern art online pay close attention to the vibe you are setting in the room with your choice of art pieces. Art should compliment the room. If the room is all one neutral color, then hanging art on canvas that has some color is a good choice. If the living space is filled with color, try wall art with slight color to give the eye a break when in the room.

3.Or design a living space around a piece of art First find your room’s focal point. To do this walk into the living space and see where your eyes land first. This is the ideal spot to place your art piece. Then build upon that element, not in an overt, dramatic fashion. Perhaps use one of the secondary colors in the art piece as an accent color for a lamp or pillow. The key is not to go overboard, bring together items in your design that your eye can connect to.

4.Get and Keep Certificates of Authenticity Keep your certificates of authenticity in a safe place. The COA certificate is the number-one item in determining an artwork’s origin. The certificate of authenticity is particularly important with emerging artists, as you never know where their art will take them in their careers.

5.Completing your art collection - Enjoy the Benefits An art collection is an investment you can take with you as you move, and over time it can even grow in value. On Saatchi Art, Artesia, or The Connoisseur website you will find magnificent artwork. In the end buying art online is easy, affordable, and gratifying. Art buying increases feelings of confidence. Showcasing your personal art collection will add visual interest to your home. Remember to 1.) Start and stick to a budget, 2.) Have a goal. Is the goal for the artwork to bring you joy, or resale, or both? Consider 3.) Will the art fit in and shine in the present design of your home? Or 4.) Will you adapt the current design of your living space to showcase the art?

As you grow your personal art collection, and surround yourself with art you appreciate, over time you will improve your quality of life.

Article By: Elena Greyrock

Elena Greyrock is an author and blogger. She has two Master’s Degrees; one in Digital Marketing and one in Information Technology. Elena is passionate about life, writing, and believes art is essential to the human spirit.

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