Indian Art - A mainstream in Western Fashion, Lifestyle and Designs

How many times have we been looking for a perfect present or a small compliment that will make our loved ones impressed and thrilled? How many times in our life have we been buying “cute”, “pretty”, “oh that’s interesting” things?

The reply is pretty simple: uncountable.

Generally, we don't realise that a good half of all the stylish modern items are inspired by the characteristics of ancient Indian culture & art dating almost 2500 years back. Innumerable antique symbols have been used in designing these days, that pay significant gratitude to ancient art from this region, it’s rich history and traditions that are followed worldwide, and are nowadays one of the most honoured native artwork in its nature.

Indian art designs significantly influenced modern fashion trends, its colourful attractive forms and meanings, including famous canvases, monuments, figures, decorum and pro-Indian art in general.

Hinduism which was never really a religion but just a ' way of life ' and more of a geographical identity, has its characteristic cultural themes everywhere around us. The teachings had a positive impact and made its way to the west. This is why we must be aware in order to pay respect, and most importantly use Indian art forms in full, to bring joy and prosperity into our life.

1. The Elephant prints

Let us start with the absolute leader of India typeface.

Elephant figures are extensively used in wall art, paintings, decorations, pottery, jewellery, clothes design, architecture and other art pieces. If you want to look deeper at the meaning to the Indian art notes, the giant elephant is considered to be a symbol of luck and prosperity and is associated in Hinduism with the sacred God of success Ganesh, who has been depicted as an elephant headed god - a living embodiment of numen that eliminates all bad vibes and misfortune.


  • Western trends are successfully presenting the jumbo in their collections. Remarkably Burberry released T-shirt collections with the elephantine by five-pointed stars, which has certainly become a fashion mania.

  • Banana republic, a famous American brand, is also using the elephant logo as a symbol of the union between 2 cultures.

  • South Africa street artist Falko One is famous for his street murals. He draws bright and colourful baby elephant creatures to squeeze the piece of nature into extinct surroundings. If you will ever have a chance to visit South Africa, you will be able to see a tiny version of the baby elephant wall art interpreted in all colours and positions, depending on the size of the wall and its location.

2. Buddhism and buddha figure

There are around 10 major religions worldwide nowadays. Despite the fact that Buddhism takes the 4th place, after Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism, if you will take a brief look around now, you will notice how popular Buddha figurine nowadays. Buddha, the founder of Buddhism, thought to have lived in India from 563 B.C. to 483 B.C.

Indian art buddha statue decor

Buddha statue is believed to bring its owner inner peace and live in harmony to your environment. The different Postures in Buddhism, all have a certain significance. Most common postures as defined are :

-Seating: protection;

- Meditation: calmness and unwind;

- Laughing: lack and prosperity (most widespread);

- Earth touching: enlightenment

  • Tina Turner, an American-born Swiss singer shared the story of her life, after she recovered from the abusive marriage, with the help of meditations and buddha teachings. This story is unique and very common in modern life. Tina was able to make the way back from ashes and is now recommending benefits of meditation to everyone.

  • Deluxora is a commercial online retailer that is popular worldwide nowadays and is offering a variety of decoration and art goods, related largely to Buddha and Indian current.

  • True religion is using Buddha as a brand icon and has been very successful for almost 20 years since 2002.

3. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is considered to be one of the alternative methods to heal mental and subordinate illnesses. Steamy dispensers don't have actual confirmation that it works indeed, however it doesn't make it less popular nor effective in reality.

Essential oils (the base of any aromatherapy) have calming, healing and boosting advantages. Combination of oils creates a synergy that supplements each element and grants us with an amazing effect just in a few minutes, to feel the immediate impact on us.

Indian art aromatherapy

Aromatic oils were a subject of luxury in ancient times, and were used as a means of payment instead of lavish currency. Aroma inhibitors expose new techniques and approaches to the therapy philosophy, that one may generate it into a simple and alluring experience.

  • Famous Greek brand Aesop are currently using essential oils as a ground to create the top-rated organic hair, face, soap and fragrance products.

  • Likewise, Aveda is an American well-known company co-owned by Estee Lauder providing high-quality cosmetics based on the science of essential oils.

  • Rituals a Netherland cosmetic company creates high quality exclusively organic cosmetology from toiletries, candles, incense sticks that bring relaxation to our everyday life.

4. Crystal knowledge

Crystals have been used for energy healing practices since ancient Ayurvedic records. The procedure is meant to use gemstones on the specific part of your body to energise your spirit, attract positive energy, remove stress & restore harmony.

According to experts, these elegant rocks act as a power hold for healing as they allow positive, fruitful energy to flow into the body and do away with the negative, toxic energy. Like other forms of alternative therapy, crystals work by channelizing your energy levels, thereby, focus on healing your body from the inside. Modern art jewellery often contains precious stones and brings some positive corollary to the owner of one.

Indian art - crystals & gems

If your lifestyle seems to be overloaded with events, life targets and tasks that are hard to cope with, try referring yourself to these magic treasures and you will see the positive transformation in a genuinely short bit.

Crystal healing properties may vary according to its origin and size. The most widely used are:

- Amethyst - peace and healing;

- Rose quartz - love and self-esteem;

- Iron pyrite - confidence and prosperity;

- Tiger eye - courage and strength;

- Hematite - grounding and memory;

- Emerald - hope and friendship;

- Citrine - happiness and abundance;

- Celestine - spirituality and dreaming;

- Quartz crystal - cleansing and healing;

- Desert rose - energy and motivation;

  • In an interview once, Victoria Beckham said - She can’t imagine her life without a magic stone, that serves her as an amulet. She believes that her success is hidden in the invisible gem.

  • Adele and Gwyneth Paltrow are likewise progressive crystal users too. Adele’s favourite stone is Rosa Quartz. She believes that it brings a positive impact on her personal life. At the beginning of her singing career, crystals helped her to calm the effects of the stage anxiety. She said that at the first Grammys, she was carrying the handy mineral, hiding it in the palm of her hand.

Conclusion: Hope this article sheds some light on Indian heritage that broke into our modern life and is always around us. The traditions that were passed to present, are commonly used around the world today without us realising its actual origin.

Article By: Olga Nimets

Olga is a self-driven perfectionist with a bachelors degree in Linguistics. She is a real estate agent, however, she appraises writing as a hobby for her mind and soul. Her previous experience in copywriting brought a lot of pride and joy, that inspired her to undertake further roles in content writing. Olga adores travelling, socializing, discovering new counties, cultures, friends and life values.

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