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THE CONNOISSEUR launches a curated online art destination for all the art connoisseurs from around the world

New Delhi, June 9, 2020: The Connoisseur introduces a new platform for all the art lovers to discover and immerse their senses into what they truly appreciate. Every artwork is selected & curated from the urban & exotic regions in India with their partner galleries. The whole aesthetics & design of the platform experience is what does true justice to an artist work. It is not an open marketplace and that is what makes their work so exclusive.

Sabyasachi Moulik (Founder) had to say – Art is one industry that has always been appreciated but lacked the commitment to move together forward which has made it suffer over the years. Indian art goes back to 2500 BC, yet it is still to be discovered to its true potential in the eyes of the world. Every ancient street, as well as the medieval architectures, bespeak of the art that cropped in the minds of the humans in this subcontinent.

An online art gallery cannot have the same feel that of an online grocery or a generalised online marketplace and that’s why the design was one of the essential elements we wanted to focus on. The intention was to bring the aura of visiting a gallery with that to an online space. We wanted to curate artworks from galleries/artist and present it in a manner to the audience that makes you appreciate the work. Every artwork is uploaded by us hence we are able to focus on painting tags to make it easier for the buyer to search for what they have in mind as well as because of the limited number of works that are displayed on the platform hence it becomes easier for anyone to go through all the artworks. When you visit an art gallery exhibition you don’t go across thousands of work at one time rather you focus on the selected works and try to comprehend the message of the artist. COVID has disrupted the offline gallery space and now having a deep online presence is not just a 'good to have' factor but a necessity for all artist and galleries. Though the ambience of an offline gallery cannot be completely replicated in an online space, at least a move towards that with technology will keep the market alive and may change the customers' perception of buying art. It also helps the artist reach across borders and seas.

We plan to host an online art display series of 25 -30 prestigious artworks every month based on a theme. It will be on an invitation basis and registration will be required after which the registered buyer will have access to a password and a link to the special display. We even plan to collaborate with social welfare organisations for the monthly series and a certain percentage of profits with every series will be donated to a new organisation every month. Do go through our platform sections and feel free to reach out in case of a query at You will find original & serigraph artworks from abstract, figurative, surrealism, portrait etc. Original Artworks:

Serigraph Artworks:


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“ I only give expression to the instincts from my soul " ~ M.f Husain (Picasso of India)

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