How to Start a Career in Fashion Trend Forecasting- 5 Questions with Jaime Peck from‘TRND’

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For part two of our mini article-series, we caught up with fashion trend forecaster Jaime Peck - founder and trend director at ‘TRND’.

TRND is a modern trend forecasting company based in Newport Beach in California, United States. Described as the number one source for trend direction, they publish market-specific trend books and e-reports for fast-fashion, contemporary, young contemporary and junior markets.

With a background in fashion design and merchandising, accompanied by years of industry experience working as a fashion coordinator for retail clothing company ‘Tilly’s’, and a senior designer/trend analyst for creative design agency ‘add-black’, Jaime saw that there was a gap in the market for a new, modern forecast.

As a Trend director, it is Jaime’s job to keep up to date with all the latest fashion trends, by analysing runway shows, social media and retail landscapes, to deliver an innovative and clear trend direction. To gain more of an insight into what goes on in the life of a fashion trend forecaster and discover how trend forecasting works, we sat down with Jaime (albeit virtually) to talk about the latest trend inspirations and what is needed to start a career in fashion trend forecasting.

1. Jaime, could you begin by briefly explaining what trend forecasting is and how it works?

A. Trend forecasting is the analysis of past and present styles, pop culture, art, and design. Using that research, we predict what the future might look like and provide direction on what trends will exist for a specific consumer.

Trend forecasting
Instagram: @thetrndforecast

2. Where do you source your inspiration from when forecasting trends?

A. We pull inspiration from seasonal ready-to-wear collections as well as in-store and ecommerce shopping, event attendance, industry innovations, travel, and constant online observation of influencer’s blogs & social media sites.

Trend forecasting
Instagram: @thetrndforecast
“Because our forecasts are market-specific we’re able to work 12-18 months ahead”

3. What are the key factors that you have to consider when creating a trend book? For instance, how far in advance do you have to research for Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter trends?

A. It’s most important for us to ensure the research is thorough and focused, followed by designing beautiful, easy-to-navigate reports. Because our forecasts are market-specific we’re able to work about 12-18 months ahead, showcasing high-level emerging trends to influence succeeding markets.

Fashion trend forecasting
Instagram: @thetrndforecast

“Anyone with a passion for trends can land a research job.”

4. How do you start a career in trend forecasting? What experience do you need to have?

A. A variety of experience in the industry is preferred. It’s good to know consumer behaviour at all levels; retail, marketing, merchandising, and design. A degree in Design or Merchandising is typically the best place to start, although anyone with a passion for trends can land a research job. Being a talented trend analyst is not just about being educated; it also involves a great deal of intuition.

“Seek out involvement in the industry by whatever means possible.”

5. Finally, what advice would you give to someone who is looking to get into the field of trend forecasting, or wanting to set up their own trend forecasting company?

A. Start tracking trends and create mood boards. Get your work up on a blog or social media platform and begin getting recognized for your ability to accurately form predictions. Seek out involvement in the industry by whatever means possible; volunteer, intern, or snag an entry-level job. My best advice would be to not give up. Success in any industry doesn’t come without obstacles (especially the fashion industry) so learn from every experience and continue to keep trying.

For more information on TRND visit: Instagram: @thetrndforecast or check out their website at : where you can gain access to a range of design services and shop their wide collection of e-reports and trend books, from Fall/Winter 2021 to Spring/Summer 2022.

Image Courtesy: Jaime Peck

Article by: Danielle Eve Griffin

Danielle has a Masters in Fashion & Textile Retail Management from the University of Ulster, with experience of working in the fashion industry as both a design assistant and style consultant. She completed her dissertation on ‘The Future of Fashion Retailing’, which explores current societal issues such as sustainability, P&L, and overconsumption within the fashion industry. Since then, she has developed a deep interest in writing and is keen to delve deeper into the fashion and art world.

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