Artist name: Ashok Bhowmick

Artwork Medium: Acrylic, Pen & ink on paper


Dimension: 7 inch (H) X 7 inch (W)

About the Artist: Ashok Bhowmick , a senior renowned artist from India is also known as a “Master of Cross-hatching”. Ashok is a multitalented individual and practising artist since more than four decades. Apart from being an exceptionally good painter, he is also an experimental sculptor and a profound thinker and writer.

Be it paper or canvas, small or large, Ashok fills the spaces with his unique cross-hatching rendered with pen and ink. He creates the darker spaces with a dense mesh of lines while lighter areas are achieved through controlled arrangements of lines. It is indeed a matter of utmost dedication that has made his paintings so exclusive that it has become his inimitable signature.


Tags: Wildlife painting , animal painting black and white , bull head painting

Ashok Bhowmick - bull

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“ I only give expression to the instincts from my soul " ~ M.f Husain (Picasso of India)

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