Artist name: Dilip Chowdhury

Artwork Medium: Acrylic & Watercolour on canvas


Dimension: 40 inch (H) X 51 inch (W)

About the Artist:

He was born in Calcutta and he received entire education from there. Since childhood, he was keenly interested in fine arts. Today, his talent is not restricted to Indian boundaries but has gained immense fame in other countries like Indonesia, Dubai, Oman, New York and London. He graduated from Indian College of Arts and craftsmanship in 1986 with distinction and achieved Gold medal.


Dilip Choudhury's works depict the countryside and his hometown Kolkata bathed in the monsoon rains. His black and white works are ever-popular. He creates stylistic compositions from unusual angles, which succeed in enthralling the viewer. Dilip’s works are adored by masters of art and usually found in their private collections. He has earned numerous accolades for his works.


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Dilip Chowdhury - rain

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