Artist name: Dominic Rubio

Artwork Medium: Oil on Canvas

Dimension: 29 inch (H) X 23 inch (W)

About the Artist:
Born in 1970, Dominic Rubio is a contemporary artist from the Philippines. He completed his studies at the University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts majoring on Commercial Arts. Upon graduation, he worked briefly as an artist in a large multi-national advertising agency in the country and later lived and worked in an upscale resort in the south of the archipelago as an in-house artist.


He is a founding member of the Guevarra and Blumentritt Group of artists as well as the Paete Artist Group, named after his hometown Paete, a Lakeshore town famous for its woodcarving tradition. He draws inspirations from the rich indigenous culture of the Philippine tribes, the flora and fauna and the long colonial history of the country.


Tags: figurative artwork, family on canvas ,kids & mother painting,famous artist paintings,everyday life painting

Dominic Rubio - The family

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“ I only give expression to the instincts from my soul " ~ M.f Husain (Picasso of India)

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