Artist name: Milind Shimpi

Artwork: Acrylic on Canvas

Dimension: 36 inch (H) X 36 inch (W)

About the Artist: (self introduction)
"I think that the biggest artist in this universe is the almighty God which is unshaped and unexplainable and we are only a constituent of it. Many of us experience the presence of God in various forms of art and this art had given birth to an artist like us. Many of the visible and invisible things in this universe can be shown in front of you all with the help of an art or picture which is the only particular task of an artist. The development of good and perfect painting can be created by the artist with the help of his thorough study, imagination, his observance and experiences, understandings on colors, shapes and shade light. "


  •   A.V. Bhat Award 
  • State art competition Award
  • Raviraj Publicity Project Award
  • Trimurti Shilp Award I.I.T.Pawai (Mood Indigo) for portrait competition
  • Illustrations Sadhi Mansa Book Cover 2005
  • Illustrations Hari Mukhe Mhana* Book Cover 2005
  • The Active Group Pune-  Best Illustrations Award of Jijausaheb Book Cover 2006


Tags: figurative artwork,vibrant green painting, happy life painting,child and mom art

Milind Shimpi - Childhood

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“ I only give expression to the instincts from my soul " ~ M.f Husain (Picasso of India)

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