Artist name: Sanjay Kumar Shrivastav

Artwork: Oil on Canvas

Dimension: 58 inch (H) X 26 inch (W)

About the Artist:

Born in 1961, Sanjay Kumar Srivastav started painting since childhood around at the age of eight. He has a Masters degree in fine arts from Agra University and a diploma in fine arts from Allahabad university.


Kumar's compositions are surrealistic in treatment, where human figures are juxtaposed with inanimate objects. The figures in his paintings throb with vigour, appearing to be twisting and turning, and barely contained in their space. The figures convey their restlessness, more through their gestures than their facial expressions, which are often obscured. His figures are spotlighted, thereby heightening the sense of drama in his works. The luminous hues that accentuate the energy of the painting are complemented by rustic wooden frames, which form an integral part of the work.


He has also presented a research paper on "The Philosophy of Colours in Modern Painting". He has held a number of solo shows, a prominent one being at the Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, in 1993. He has participated in numerous group shows all over the country.

Tags: figurative artwork, abstract realism art ,dimensional painting

Sanjay Kumar artwork

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“ I only give expression to the instincts from my soul " ~ M.f Husain (Picasso of India)

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