Artist name: Sudhir Talmale

Dimension: 25 inch (H) X 25 inch (W)

Material: Oil on canvas

About the Artist:
A contemporary expressionist artists - Sudhir Talmale’s work focuses on the integration of shape, line, and space and the various combinations in which they come together on his canvas. A student of M.F.A. from Nagpur University, Talmale’s work combines the masterful use of colour, repetition and layering to create elaborate works of art. This artist provides an interesting blend of consistency and experimentation with colour, continually incorporating white for a unique consistency and contrast. He has been awarded on several occasions such as at the Maharashtra State Art Exhibition, National Exhibition of Art (Lucknow) and Golden Indian at the 50th year of independence at Jehangir Art Gallery.

Tags: abstract, Red art

Sudhir Talmale - Colour Abstract

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“ I only give expression to the instincts from my soul " ~ M.f Husain (Picasso of India)

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