Artist name: K Vishwanathan

Dimension: 24 inch (H) X 48 inch (W)

Material: Watercolour with sunboard mounting

Ayaanar Series: Ayyanar is a guardian deity, who is believed to protect the villages in south India from all sorts of external threats, like natural calamities, wild animals, enemies, and epidemics. People believe that Ayyanar travels on his horse at midnights and hunts for bad people and miscreants. Perhaps because of this, people present white horses made of clay to him, when he answers their prayers. As the principal guardian deity, Ayyanar is tasked with the protection of the village. He also grants boons and ensures bountiful rain and harvests. Sitting astride his shining white stallion with a sword in hand, he is believed to fiercely fulfil his protective duty even today, patrolling his fiefdom each night. This series is an imaginative work of the artist that depicts the guardians' horses from ancient India stories.

About the Artist:
K Vishwanathan is a renowned artist from New Delhi whose work has been featured in various exhibitions and events. His art is inspired by the stories of southern India.



  • Bachelor of fine arts in painting - 1984
  • Master of fine arts in painting -1985 (Govt College of Arts & Crafts, Chennai) ​



  • 92nd Annual All India Art Exhibition, new Delhi'19
  • International Kala Mela'18 Contemporary painting Mahatma Gandhi Biography -2015 etc.

Tags:  animal art, southern India stories

K Vishwanathan - The Horses

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